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隣にきみのぬくもりを ; Feel Your Warmth Beside Me ; I want to feel you in the neighbor
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A collection of several stories.1,2)Main you are about Michihiro who grieves after his dog’s loss of life. But then one day a guy who also claims to be his deceased dog appears. Who is he or she and why does he understand every little thing about Michihiro? Crazy and heart warming tale revolving around school existence.3)Our World- Matsuya plus Tsuge have just began dating and are having problems within the bedroom. Matsuya is concerned about their compatibility.4)Drop associated with First Love- Chiyoda’s certainly not been able to forget their first love, a beautiful girl that was always picked on on the public park. Even though he or she moved away he’s usually thought about her, and now that he is back Chiyoda knows he could recognize her. But Ichikawa isn’t quite the girl he or she remembers…5)If You are Here- Carefree Souta attaches themself to Yuuya, even getting into Yuuya’s tiny apartment. Yuuya finds himself caring for the particular hopelessly innocent Souta just like a mother, but his emotions are becoming more and more dangerous for their friendship.6)One Sweet Please- Super-shy pastry chef Furugawa Atsu has finally become up the courage to concede his love to beautiful client Sakiya Naoyuki. But Atsu doesn’t only seen your pet in the shop, is he or she really in love with Sakiya, or simply captivated by a pretty face?7)Kitty’s Melancholy- Ichiyama is sense neglected. Machida only arrives over when he would like to have sex and leaves correct afterwards. Even at college there’s no time for love.