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さんかにぶんのいち ; 3 1/2 ; 3 and a Half ; 3½ ; Torso ; Dessin ; Metamorphosis ; Vanilla Boys ; Sasayaka na Yuuwake
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Collection of oneshots :1) 3 1/2Three men share an American Forces home, but one of them, an almost all conservative guy, cannot tolerate the other two men’ profligate sex life…2) DessinTwo guys often repeat cycles associated with “parting” & “getting back again together” just like a game. Yet one of the guys becomes not able to keep it up…3) TorsoA college student who indulges in masturbation with a mannequin torso understands sex with a flesh-and-blood man for the first time…4) Sasayaka em Yokubou (A Modest Desire)A bullied homosexual student that has a taste for “peeping” adores two very cool men who look like kings within their school. The student will save them in exchange for noticing their sex.5) MetamorphosisA guy who bears a lot of debt by “seminar of self-development” tries prostitution and is broken in with a rich guy who appears to like to dominate in perverted sex, but what is this man really after?6) Vanilla BoysA guy finds the lover at Shinjuku, the famous gay date place, for the first time by pretending he or she likes hard core intercourse but in reality he is even more into gentle “vanilla” intercourse.