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宅配キューピッド ; Delivery Cupid ; Ooki na Yozora no Shita de
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Delivery Cupid is a collection of six short stories. The title story is a romantic comedy about Tsubasa, who is half-human and half-cupid. In order to become a full cupid, he must successfully unite a couple. However, the target is an evil man named Norimasa who shows no love for anyone. When Tsubasa accidentally ends up as Norimasa’s match, the trouble begins. Are Tsubasa and Norimasa attracted because of cupid magic, or is it true love? Contents: 1) Delivery Cupid (Takuhai Cupid) 2) Love♥Beam!- a student is given a magical gift that will make anyone fall in love with him. Should he use it on his handsome classmate? 3) Cinderfella: A Fairy Tale- poor paper delivery boy has always had a crush on the young master of the house. When he gets one night to be with his beloved will it be enough? 4) With You Forever (Forever With You)- a young boy in a hospital begins a friendship/romance with a death angel. 5) Ai Scream (Ice Scream)-A hot, hot summer has an ice cream vendor fantasizing about his cute customer. 6) Under the Star Light (Ooki na Yozora no Shita de) – A waiter is fired from his job in a fancy restaurant, and ends up spending an evening with a bum on the streets. 7) Delivery Cupid, Afterward- Does Tsubasa deserve a second chance? 8) Afterword *As listed in the American publication released in July 2007 by Boysenberry Books.* **The ones in bold have been scanlated!**