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Variety of one shots.1. Aisaka tends to get in a lot of battles and Tadaka is the college playboy. On a chance conference where Aisaka gets crushed to a pulp, Tadaka provides to carry his bruised entire body home. There, Tadaka the deal with Aisaka that if this individual doesnt fight they’ll possess a sexual relationship.2. Masaru and Sugeru are similar twin brothers. Sugeru has a tendency to enjoy using his siblings name to chase dresses and Masaru is the person who always gets the beatings men and women come looking for revenge. The not TOO much of a problem till Masaru meets Masato. A good guy who really likes Sugeru (who’s just using your pet for money), and it wouldnt be a problem if Masaru wasnt falling for Masato himself.3.Koike a typical student is best friends along with Jinnai, a student who performs exceptionally well. When they get into separate higher schools Koike still are unable to forget what he sensed for him, so when Jinnai comes around for a visit, Koike jumps on his chance to let him know how he really seems.4. Tomonaga is required to go to an all boys college when his mother will be fed up with his delinquent methods. He expects an ripped down rough school, plus instead gets a college sparkling with gay very boys. Not that he is happy about it. At least their roommate Natsume is regular…in a sense.5. Rather than bumming around all summer their mother orders Yoshimura to obtain a job. He quickly will get one at a barbeque store under Sakashita who’s grand daddy is in the hospital. Yoshimura will be surprised by how immediately drawn he is to Sakashita and spends a majority of their time at work trying to not give into his brand-new temptations.6. A incomplete public morals committee associate and a touchy troublemaker.seven. A hot tempered judo club member who likes fights and the (um, dem playboy?) who provokes your pet by staring at him lustfully, which he mistakes to get a stare of wanting payback.