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欲望少年 ; A Desire Boy ; Awakening Desires ; Obareru Kankei
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Consists of a variety of oneshots:1) A Wish Boy (Yokubou Shounen)Shinobu Uesugi lives with his mother plus two sisters, lacking any type of male role model. When justin was seven, his family goes into an apartment complex plus gets to be neighbors with Saguru Matsunae. Saguru soon becomes Shinobu’s ‘onii-san’ that he would go to for advice throughout the many years. Shinobu, now seventeen, is definitely clueless about anything including relationships or his own entire body and Saguru offers to show him…2) Sawaki’s CaseHideya Katsumata and Makoto Sawaki have been friends since getting into high school, but Makoto continues to be hiding his true emotions towards his best friend for all those that time. He believes their feelings will forever move unrequited as there’s no method Hideya will ever adore another man. When Makoto stumbles across Shinobu plus Saguru (from the previous story) kissing, he starts to think otherwise.3) Love SnatcherAfter getting fired from their job half Japanese Tanaka Tatsuaki drunkenly prays towards the moon to take him apart, and it does! He’s already been summoned to a land associated with shape-shifters to be the bride associated with Tigure, lord of the tigers. And he’s expected to provide birth?4) Love plus Reticence (Ai to Chinmoku)Nearly silent ghost writer Kisa has fallen in love with a little out of the way diner and the tasty food there. But good-looking owner-san wants more through Kisa than his patronage.5) Drowning in Like (Oboreru Kankei)Yoshino Keiichi’s living has gotten a lot more fascinating since single father Kayumi Takamasa and his two young kids moved in next door. Keiichi’s become a mother to the young people, but his relationship using their father is much more complex…