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イロコイ ; ウブ ; 男が男を愛する時 ; Irokoi ; Last Waltz (NITTA Youka) ; Nightcap ; Otoko ga Otoko wo Ai suru toki ; U:V
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When a person Loves a Guy series:1) When a Man Loves a Man (1 Volume)Story of several guys doing work in host clubs.Professional competition, mistaken identities, unrequited like, and jealousy test Shinkawa’s and Takaaki’s friendship on the semi-regular basis. But when Iwaki Kyousuke, Takaaki’s old fire and mentor, returns in order to seduce Shinkawa away to some new host club, can Takaaki be able to persuade Shinkawa to stay, or will their devotion to Iwaki trigger him to lose Shinkawa’s relationship?2) Last Waltz (2 Volumes)At the end of Every time a Man Loves a Man, Shinkawa had rejected Iwaki’s invites to become the number one host with his new club. Great the rivalry between Schnapps and the Rusty Nail is definitely heating up.Schnapps has employed a new host, Ishii, who might be stealing all the other hosts’ customers away. What could their motive be? Is Shinkawa right in suspecting that will Ishii is somehow doing work for Iwaki? But when Shinkawa gives his suspicions with Takaaki, why is he so fast to defend Iwaki? How can he still love the man that abandoned him to begin his own club? How can Shinkawa make Takaaki look at your pet the way he looks at Iwaki?3) Nightcap (1 Volume)Flashback showing how Takaaki plus Iwaki met and then exactly why the cruel Iwaki left behind the kid after let him turn out to be bisex.Iwaki has been a gigolo for 8 years. Whenever he meets Kato, the homeless kid sleeping towards his car on the roads, his fancy is hit. When he finds that will Kato is looking to be a gigolo, he gives your pet money to help him cleanup to get the job, just because your dog is interested. Will he drop his love for women in return regarding his like for Kato?4) Irokoi (3 Volumes)Follows the star-crossed love relationships of four hosting companies, Takaaki, Iwaki, Shinkawa plus Kenzaki. Interesting story plus well-developed characters, but you ought to probably read the preceeding 3 When a person Loves a Man series to understand the backstory.5) U:V (2 Volumes)The final arc from the series on the four hosting companies and their relationship. Iwaki introduced his nephew, Ozaki Kazuomi, to both Takaaki and Shinkawa; Takaaki would be to train Kazuomi before becoming passed over to Shinkawa. However, Shinkawa still has uncertainties about Takaaki’s feelings regarding Iwaki; has Takaaki actually put his feelings regarding Iwaki behind him? How about Kenzaki, who has such like and passion for Shinkawa that he’s willing to perform anything for him?