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ウソツキ ; A liar
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Collection of oneshots:1) Saigo ni, Kimi Dake woHiro has been inseparably certain up with his selfish buddy from his childhood. He or she is called and comforts your pet whenever his friend components from his lovers. Their friend confesses his like to Hiro only after they drop over the cliff and is likely to die…2) Love LetterAn urban delinquent student need to transfer to local college by his parents’ purchase. There he is stalked with a rude but pure nearby student…3) My The majority of Beloved is Still YouA manager and his subordinate love one another. Returning from business trip of 3 months, the wonderful subordinate has become fat…4) Koi no SokubakuA brand new recruit keeps working overtime with his wish to be accepted by his supervisor. Yet his colleague puts the particular blame on him. The particular supervisor gets him confused with an industrial spy plus tortures him…5) Night time RainMany people have tried to convince a surgeon of guru to reactivate in vain. The surgeon keeps residing in seclusion because he failed the particular operation of his soulmate’s brain cancer and has the lapse of confidence. One particular boy starts working because his live-in housekeeper however the boy is his ex-patient of the surgeon and noesn’t need much time…6) A LiarA boy loves his dog, an android. But the android comes back sweet nothings to the youngster because the android has no sensation. A fire occurs. The google android takes his life on saving the boy. Decrypting the microchip of the google android in the cold ashes, a lot words of love are usually displayed on the full display screen…From Aarinfantasy