Ten Ni Todoku Shiro

Both of Yuki’s essential childhood friends love the hills and are in the mountaineering golf club, but after the particular older Chihiro confessed to him, the friendship among these 3 starts to collapse.

Sutenaide My Hero

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Osoba De Misasete!

1-3) Osoba de Misasete!4-5) Ten ni Todoku ShiroBoth of Yuki’s important youth friends love the mountains and therefore are in the mountaineering club, yet after the older Chihiro revealed to him, the camaraderie among these three begins to collapse.6) Osoba sobre Misasete! ExtraFor 4-5 appear under Ten ni Todoku Shiro

Kimi To No Dogfight

College boy Haruno would go to meet a person he’s reached know through an online game. He or she goes expecting for an adorable girl, but instead he satisfies a man and not just any man but a very popular ikemen guy that goes to the same university as he does. Maybe this particular meeting…

Kedamono Hatsujouki!!

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