Kimi Ga Koi Ni Ochiru

From Hochuuami:Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru (You Fall in Love) simply by Takanaga Hinako starts whenever Mochizuki Haru has subbed in to teach and is produced student advisor of the Archery club and is forced to cope with painful memories involving among the students (Tsukasa) and the present student’s brother (Reiichirou).

Kimi Ga Koi Ni Oboreru

The sequel for you Will Fall in Love, concentrating on Tsukasa’s older brother Reiichirou.Reiichirou is back and hoping for the happier ending this time whenever he takes over as supervisor for a kimono shop. Yet a fellow employee, Jinnai, doesn’t like the idea of becoming bossed around by a more youthful and less experienced guy….