Megumi And Tsugumi

Megumi, an Alpha, son from the great Kokonoe Academy Chief, goes to avenge his close friends who were beaten by a yankee wielding a metal tube. But that yankee will be Tsugumi, an Omega who else doesn’t use suppressants plus deals with his heats via sheer willpower. Tsugumi loathes all alphas because they think about…

Amaenbo Honey

Tsubame plus Miyama are childhood close friends. Although they have had competitions more than almost everything up until now, Tsubame has not won. Tsubame challenges Miyama to yet another bout, however in the middle of it, he switches into heat…?!

Abarenbo Honey

Vol one: Abarenbo Darling 1-4) Abarenbo Honey 5-6) Kakurenbo Honey extra